Accuracy, Rigour, Insight

SPACE GLOBAL STRATEGY is a leading provider of strategy advice for the media industry and B2B markets

We regularly work with global leaders, local champions and the investment community to tackle critical questions about corporate strategy, product-specific growth strategy and international expansion.

Portfolio Strategy

  • Strategic portfolio review
  • 100-day strategy plan
  • Sales & marketing strategy

Product Growth Strategy

  • New product development
  • Market testing
  • Turnaround strategy

International Expansion

  • Market entry
  • Market sizing & segmentation
  • Target screening

Pricing Strategy

  • Segment-specific pricing
  • Pricing modules & packages
  • Price levels and discounts

Our approach

While we adopt a bespoke methodology for each project, most of our strategy work relies on our well-honed strategic consulting approach.

Clients first

We work with our clients and not just for them. Our collaborative approach means we can build on your existing expertise and allows you to stay fully up-to-date throughout the project


We pride ourselves in our analytical skills and rigour: we analyse all relevant data in great detail – market, sales usage data etc., resulting in hypothesis-driven, evidence-based recommendations

Listen to market

Strategies cannot be developed in a vacuum – we always listen to what the market tells us: interviews with industry experts and existing, lapsed and prospective clients are at the heart of all our work

Learn from the best

Our experience and deep research ensure you can learn from the very best: you can rely on business model and KPI benchmarks from market leaders and innovators from countless industry verticals

Legal Tech – Market Glance

Business Insight

The use of advanced software is becoming increasingly important in the everyday work of lawyers and legal professionals. In this one page special we take a look at how investment in legal technology has developed over the last years and map the market as it stands today.

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