Mergers & Acquisitions

Trust built on experience

SPACE GLOBAL STRATEGY has a strong heritage in M&A strategy and due diligence

Success in M&A requires rigor. We pride ourselves on the depth and detail we develop on each asset, with a process geared to give solid conclusions on acquisitions and potential upsides. We have been involved in many of our industries’ most exciting acquisitions.

Target Screening

Early-stage ‘Outside-in’ Target Assessment

Commercial Due Diligence

Exit / Vendor Due Diligence

Our Approach

Experience meets excellence: our astute commercial due-diligence process will help you make confident decisions, maximise value and reduce buyer risk.

Analytical & precise

We combine fact-based assessment of market dynamics with rigorous analysis and the most valuable primary research: listening to the voice of the customer


We support real value creation by conducting deep analysis of target assets, assessing competitive dynamics and developing game-changing, value-enhancing growth programmes


Our deep industry knowledge allows us to challenge management plans, validate our clients’ investment thesis and ensures objective and well-founded investment decisions

Frank & unbiased

We provide a clear, independent and fact-based opinion on future prospects of a target, focusing on the most pressing commercial issues and most promising growth opportunities

SPACE GLOBAL’S 3C Digital Approach to B2B Verticals

Business Insight

Our report explores our latest findings on the use of digital platforms in B2B verticals: from content and communities to transactional platforms – we highlight best-in-class examples and outline which platforms work best in which context.

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