Capturing new opportunities

The future happens now

In a world of constantly evolving media, marketing and sales channels, with rapid disruption and new emerging business models, our clients are looking for reliable and experienced strategy and research partners to help them adapt their products and monetise new opportunities more quickly.

Our service categories and example projects

Like many others, we believe in the process of ‘blue sky’ innovation. However, our advice is always based on hard facts and supported by our own primary research. We have helped our clients with a broad range of product launch and repositioning projects, from initial new concept development and testing all the way through to implementation support.

Product Offering

  • Product transformation
  • Product extension
  • New product development


  • New customer segment
  • New market sector
  • New geography

Product Delivery

  • New service
  • New channel
  • New digital


  • Revenue model innovation
  • Pricing optimisation
  • Structure for innovation

Our approach

We have worked on numerous innovation projects, designing and refining product propositions and portfolios and identifying growth opportunities for our clients. Our approach guarantees overcoming common pitfalls in the innovation process.


Understanding the real needs and pain points of your customers is critical: our projects typically involve a large number of in-depth interviews and focus groups


Too often do innovation projects become side-lined: we know about the importance of speed in product development and always aim for high-quality results with a quick turn-around


We develop a bespoke innovation strategy to achieve the desired commercial outcome, tailored to your needs and those of your customers


Whether developing innovation around new technology or amending a challenged business model, we always provide actionable and differentiated advice

What Can Trade Show Organisers Learn from Fan-Based Events?

Business Insight

Fan-based events like Comic-Cons, Gaming events and several brand-focused events have changed the rules of the games in Consumer events. Our report explores what organisers of B2B trade shows and conferences can learn from these often fast growing events.

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