Our Services

We provide exceptional strategic advice for media and B2B businesses, their owners and investors

At SPACE GLOBAL STRATEGY, we advise C-level decision makers and strategy, M&A and innovation managers on strategic decisions regarding their portfolio or individual products.


Do you have questions about optimising your portfolio, expanding into new geographies and segments, or launching new products? We can help you with actionable, strategic advice.

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Mergers & Aquisitions

Are you aiming to buy or sell assets? We provide best-in-class commercial due diligence, assisting also in broader target screening and M&A strategy projects.

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Exploring a new product offering, new markets or new ways of working? We are here to help you develop and test products, size and validate opportunities, and find the best-suited revenue models.

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For more information about SPACE GLOBAL STRATEGY and how we can help your business grow please get in touch