Media & Events

We are a trusted partner for Strategy, M&A and Innovation

Media and events is our traditional industry sweet spot: we have successfully advised many global leaders and local champions, covering emerging and mature markets, identifying growth opportunities and creating significant value.

Our sector coverage


  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Consumer and fan events


  • Consumer publishing
  • B2B & professional publishing
  • Online business models


  • Content platforms
  • Communities and professional networks
  • E-commerce and tendering

Our Services

Helping clients grow their businesses is our passion: our strategy, M&A and innovation advice is based on hard facts and figures, blue-chip analytics and thorough primary research. We leave no stone unturned to develop insight-driven, actionable advice.


Do you have questions about optimising your portfolio, expanding into new geographies and segments, or launching new products? We can help you with actionable, strategic advice.

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Mergers & Aquisitions

Are you aiming to buy or sell assets? We provide best-in-class commercial due diligence, assisting also in broader target screening and M&A strategy projects.

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Exploring a new product offering, new markets or new ways of working? We are here to help you develop and test products, size and validate opportunities, and find the best-suited revenue models.

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Legal Tech – Market Glance

Business Insight

The use of advanced software is becoming increasingly important in the everyday work of lawyers and legal professionals. In this one page special we take a look at how investment in legal technology has developed over the last years and map the market as it stands today.

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