B2B & Industrial

We are a trusted partner for Strategy, M&A and Innovation

We are experts in analysing complex and niche markets

We are passionate advisors to players in business-to-business markets. We have worked on many of the most pressing issues B2B players are facing, such as disruption of intermediaries by new technologies and the emergence of new niche segments.

Our exposure to B2B media and event assets has enabled us to build a consulting practice focused on the broader B2B and industrial space. Since launch, we have worked in 50+ industry verticals, developing deep knowledge and understanding of the underling B2B value chains and market segments.

Our sector coverage

We have deep market knowledge, with a particular focus on B2B processes and interactions in the following industry verticals:

Travel & Hospitality


Industrial Machinery

Fashion & Beauty

Real Estate

Energy, Oil & Gas

Professional Services

Cities & Environment

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Our Services

Helping clients grow their businesses is our passion: our strategy, M&A and innovation advice is based on hard facts and figures, blue-chip analytics and thorough primary research. We leave no stone unturned to develop insight-driven, actionable advice.


Do you have questions about optimising your portfolio, expanding into new geographies and segments, or launching new products? We can help you with actionable, strategic advice.

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Mergers & Aquisitions

Are you aiming to buy or sell assets? We provide best-in-class commercial due diligence, assisting also in broader target screening and M&A strategy projects.

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Exploring a new product offering, new markets or new ways of working? We are here to help you develop and test products, size and validate opportunities, and find the best-suited revenue models.

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Tourism and Hospitality Tech 2025 – Quo Vadis?

Business Insight

Our report explores the travel and hospitality technology ecosystem, helping investors, advisors and industry players navigate the complex market of technology solutions.

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