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We are a strategy and innovation consultancy – relentlessly striving to help our clients grow their businesses

“Smart, fast and experienced” – that’s how clients describe our team. We are a team of strategy consultants, with diverse and international backgrounds, united by a common cause: creating value for our clients.

SMART – We have the best analytics and research team in our field. Call us in for sophisticated analysis and excellent primary research: we promise to impress you.

FAST – Thanks to our long-standing experience, we are quick on our feet and dynamic in our approach. Call us in for any urgent matter and we will be quick to help.

EXPERIENCED – Our consultants have blue-chip strategy and industry experience and have worked on numerous projects in media and various B2B markets. Work with our A-team – the only one we have.

Meet some of our team

While our team is diverse in terms of nationality, background and experience, we are united in our common purpose: creating value for our clients.


100% client satisfaction is at the heart of our offering, and we always go the extra mile to provide the best strategic advice. Our team’s broad range of backgrounds – with previous experience from The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Deloitte Digital and various other roles in media and B2B industries – ensures high-end analytics and advice that differentiate us strongly from our competitors.

Sector Expertise

Media and B2B markets are unique and sector expertise is critical. We have conducted 100+ projects for clients in this space; our understanding of the underlying markets, value chains and dynamics has been essential for our clients’ success.

Hands-on, Structured Approach

Our experience and structured approach helps us identify real opportunities in a world full of noise. As industry experts, we ensure our reports include actionable roadmaps and timelines, and we are always there to support implementation.

The A-Team

When working with us you can be sure to have your project run by our A-Team (the only one we have). Real senior involvement is a given throughout the project: your key contacts will also manage the project and participate in day-to-day activities.

Our clients

We regularly work with some of the very best in the media industry and B2B markets. Our clients are typically major media owners, players along complex B2B value chains and investors. We work for global market leaders as well as for local challengers.

Media & Events

We offer strategic advice to firms within B2B and consumer media verticals, including publishers, digital platforms and events organisers

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B2B and Industrial

We have worked in 50+ industry verticals and supported players operating in complex B2B value chains

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Christoph Schedl

Managing Director

Yuliya Polyakova


Justina Rimkute

Senior Consultant

David Phippard


Tom Berkin

Senior Associate

Theo Deriziotis


Rong Qian


Cansu Özdüzen


Caroline Boston

People and Talent

Bernadett Majer

Office Manager

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